Welcome to The Sound Circle

Inspire. Activate. Move.

Spiritual Awakening

Right now, we are diving very deep into our pain, into our fear, into our hopes, and into our dreams. Rising to the surface are the parts of you that need to be seen, again. No matter how many times we’ve been here before, it comes back around until there is no more fear. Only peace, love, and joy. Yes, your fear may motivate you into action, and it is holding you back from releasing all the pain you’ve felt for years. Lifetimes even. I feel your pain. We are connected. All of us. And all of us are needed to do our seemingly small part in this great big world.

You Belong Here

As you move through your spiritual journey, you'll begin to notice shifts. They start as subtleties and grow into glaring discrepancies. You may see that you no longer resonate with the people, places, and activities that once brought you joy. You begin to lose friends, change careers, or in general, feel like your life is falling apart. As you move away from old habits and establish new ones, new people emerge. This group is to connect you with others who have been through it too.

A Soul Family

Some people come into your life and act as a catalyst for change. They leave as quickly as they arrived. Other people come and go through the seasons of your life, filling roles that need to be played for a short while. Your soul family is the group you incarnate with over and over again. These are the ones who connect to you in a way that makes no logical sense. You don't need to explain your soul to your tribe. Thank you for being part of my tribe!